Elephant Hill 01

One of the most difficult things I ever did was climb elephant hill.
This is one of the highest peaks of the Aberdare ranges in Kenya.
It was quite the hike.
Almost 9 grueling hours rising almost a kilometre in altitude.
Very challenging for one who attempted it with no preparation.
No Jogs. No hikes.
Just get out of the office and have some fun!
As I was panting at high altitude, breathless and gasping loudly like a one-stroke engine, I wondered.
I wondered if I would make it.
I wondered whether all this pain was worth it.
Then I feared.
I feared that if going up was this hard.
The hike so painfully slow.
I feared would I have the strength to  come back.
Would I be a burden to my colleagues - having to carry me back.
What if i slipped and fell
Oh! how my 100 kilos would roll down those scary cliffs!

Counting one and two
Thinking only of the next step.
Cold.Wet and Tired
I made it to the peak
We made it!

It was a great achievement- a personal crown
But what next? Made me think.
Why am I running?


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