Brother H- My Journey

My Journey

I didn't think through all the details. I didn't know what it would mean? Or where the road would lead.

Like most of you I like to know what's happening. Where and  what will I be doing? What is the plan? And all these questions were in my mind then.

But the truth is all I got was that first conviction to start. To take the step. Start writing the tunes. Start putting  words to them. And soon there were 6-7 songs so I thought it  was beginning to look like an album.

I was busy. doing my professional duties. Money was short and time was shorter.

What to do?

I thought now that I had all the songs with raw recording and that sort of thing. Ah! It will be easy to release a song every month. Just concentrate on one track.

Dead wrong.

Sometimes to the launch day we are still working despite our best efforts.

But's its a great journey of obedience.

We are 4No tracks down and don't I thank God.

I'm just grateful to God for the little light under my feet.

Only God knows what will happen next. It's an adventure of faith.

And I'm in it


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