It is a Good Friday  


It is a good Friday. 

Although I cant see why. 

Its 3 pm, now 

He has just breathed his last. 

I could hear the cry- 

The cry of anguish 

Pain-filled and yet triumphant 

“It is Finished.” 


It is a good Friday 

Although my life seems tortured 

Not by a cross perhaps 

But by debts, and expectations unmet, 

It is day- and yet 

Its dark-and the sun does not shine 

I’m pain filled and beat, and wish 

“It is Finished.” 


Is it a good Friday? 

When here in bed I lie 

And around me we cough and die 

And its no longer a lie - it could be you or I 

The globe is bowed down, 

The old and sick breath weak and gasp 

And hope, despite all hope 

“It was finished” 


Yes, it’s a good Friday- yet 

the grave will not have the final word 

Although it is been bad and terribly hard 

And may have to wait a day, another and third 

BUT, but if – and only if Christ arose, 

If Death could be trumped 

That mortal enemy vanquished 

“It is Finished.” 


It’s a Good Friday 

I'll look beyond the gloom of  today and tomorrow 

And wait for the glorious third day, when 

“It is Finished.”