A walk in the dark

A walk in the dark

It was a windy path from the blue waters and up the cliff to the residence. It was after sunset and I could hear the eerie sounds of the night.

My walk was uncertain. My step was far from steady. Sometimes I stepped on a loose stone or an uneven part of the ground and lost balance for a moment. and my hands swung for grip holding nothing in desperation. The path I had walked so carefree just a few hours ago was suddenly unfriendly and uncomfortable.

Just then, I remembered the light on my phone and when it came on it was truly a moment of 'voila'!

I could now see where to walk. A new understanding of the words ' His word is light unto my feet' came to me. I could see! I could walk with confidence. It no longer mattered that I couldn't see to far. What was key is that I could clearly see my next step what a joy.

And what a delight is Gods leading sure and clear for every step.

Lord, I pray make my path clear for today.  Free me form worry so that I leave the path for tomorrow to tomorrow.

Bro H

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