NEW SONG COMING......... Heshima Kwa Bwana


Brother H-963 is a songwriter, singer and worship leader. 

He is inspired by Don Moen and Steve Green whose music stands out for its simplicity and direct use of Scripture He also enjoys music by Reuben Kigame and Sifa voices that speaks of an intimate walk with God. 

Brother H’s song Romans8love is drawn from Romans 8:28,32 37-39 and  speaks of the tenacity of God’s love and plan that sticks with no matter what. His second release Trust-528 also draws heavily from words in Proverbs 3:5 and Psalms 25:2 with a section in Swahili drawn from Jeremiah 17-5 to 8. 

'Declare His Glory'  is  Brother H-963' s 7-Track album released in September 2019.

"Sing to the LORD" is Brother H-963's latest song. It is an upbeat proclamation of the NEW path God is leading His People out of a terrible time in 2020.

 Catch "Heshima Kwa Bwana" out on 7th August 2022 on all Digital Channels. Follow easily on the "Heshima Kwa Bwana" Tab