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Brother H-963 Blogs

Elephant Hill 01 

One of the most difficult things I ever did was climb elephant hill.
This is one of the highest peaks of the Aberdare ranges in Kenya.
It was quite the hike.
Almost 9 grueling hours rising almost a kilometre in altitude.
Very challenging for one who attempted it with no preparation.
No Jogs. No hikes.
Just get out of the office and have some fun!
As I was panting at high altitude, breathless and gasping loudly like a one-stroke engine, I wondered.
I wondered if I would make it.
I wondered whether all this pain was worth it.
Then I feared.
I feared that if going up was this hard.
The hike so painfully slow.
I feared would I have the strength to  come back.
Would I be a burden to my colleagues - having to carry me back.
What if i slipped and fell
Oh! how my 100 kilos would roll down those scary cliffs!

Counting one and two
Thinking only of the next step.
Cold.Wet and Tired
I made it to the peak
We made it!

It was a great achievement- a personal crown
But what next? Made me think.
Why am I running?



Every musician dreams of being heard.
When the songs are done what's next....
Get the album out there and get the world to hear it....
And why not
As brother H-963... passing a message is paramount...
I can't deny the costs I have incurred producing this music, or the bills that are yet to be paid
It's fair... say one would hope that the album will be immensely popular...
My 3000+ followers on FB will actually listen and like it
Perhaps... they'll do one better and share and it will become
A hashtag #declarehisglory or #brotherh963
But the truth is different
Many of us ignore how
Your click, or share, or buy is
I'll ask you to do three things this week
How many will you do?

A walk in the dark 

It was a windy path from the blue waters and up the cliff to the residence. It was after sunset and I could hear the eerie sounds of the night.

My walk was uncertain. My step was far from steady. Sometimes I stepped on a loose stone or an uneven part of the ground and lost balance for a moment. and my hands swung for grip holding nothing in desperation. The path I had walked so carefree just a few hours ago was suddenly unfriendly and uncomfortable.

Just then, I remembered the light on my phone and when it came on it was truly a moment of 'voila'!

I could now see where to walk. A new understanding of the words ' His word is light unto my feet' came to me. I could see! I could walk with confidence. It no longer mattered that I couldn't see to far. What was key is that I could clearly see my next step what a joy.

And what a delight is Gods leading sure and clear for every step.

Lord, I pray make my path clear for today.  Free me form worry so that I leave the path for tomorrow to tomorrow.

Bro H




Brother H- My Journey 

I didn't think through all the details. I didn't know what it would mean? Or where the road would lead.

Like most of you I like to know what's happening. Where and  what will I be doing? What is the plan? And all these questions were in my mind then.

But the truth is all I got was that first conviction to start. To take the step. Start writing the tunes. Start putting  words to them. And soon there were 6-7 songs so I thought it  was beginning to look like an album.

I was busy. doing my professional duties. Money was short and time was shorter.

What to do?

I thought now that I had all the songs with raw recording and that sort of thing. Ah! It will be easy to release a song every month. Just concentrate on one track.

Dead wrong.

Sometimes to the launch day we are still working despite our best efforts.

But's its a great journey of obedience.

We are 4No tracks down and don't I thank God.

I'm just grateful to God for the little light under my feet.

Only God knows what will happen next. It's an adventure of faith.

And I'm in it


Introducing Brother H- Biography 

Brother H-963 is a songwriter, singer and worship leader.

He is inspired by Don Moen and Steve Green whose music stands out for its simplicity and direct use of Scripture He also enjoys music by Reuben Kigame and Sifa voices that speaks of an intimate walk with God.

Brother H’s song Romans8love is drawn from Romans 8:28,32 37-39 and  speaks of the tenacity of God’s love and plan that sticks with no matter what. His second release Trust-528 also draws heavily from words in Proverbs 3:5 and Psalms 25:2 with a section in Swahili drawn from Jeremiah 17-5 to 8.

He says, God willing He will release a new track every month completing the 6-7 track album ‘In His steps’